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6 Lesser-Known Facts About Carpet Cleaning Services

Making your interior décor look luxurious, carpets are an often-included part of most homes and offices to give them a polished look and feel. However, you need to work on the maintenance of the fabric because carpets tend to hoard dust particles, and before you know it you would need a carpet cleaning service. Day-to-day carpet cleaning means you have to thoroughly vacuum it and use a chemical cleaner for any accidental stains or spots. You receive the usual advice to just wash it every month to ensure the carpet does not lose its essence due to excess debris. However, when it comes to maintaining and cleaning your carpet, there are many lesser-known facts that you ought to know if you are looking to employ a cleaning service to get the job done.

1. The Importance of Vacuuming before Cleaning

Yes, vacuuming is the most important step in keeping a carpet free from dust. Since the carpet fibers are more prone to accumulating dirt particles, you need a vacuum cleaner to suck them out. Be it pollen, pet hair, thread, or food remains, get the space vacuumed before the actual cleaning process begins. If you hire a professional carpet cleaner and this is not the first thing they do, you should immediately take note and ask them to vacuum first. The problem with not following this order is that it makes the washing part a muddy mess.

2. Different Cleaning Services have Different Methods

Not every cleaning service uses the same washing procedure. While some carpet cleaning professionals like to work with manually-operated shampooing machines, others have gotten a bit advanced in their methods. A steam-cleaning machine had been launched in the industry that helps with absorbing the water used in the carpet cleaning. The process of having to manually drain the is a tiring one itself; it is better to let the steam-cleaning machine auto-vacuum the used water back for it to be released later into the disposal tank storage.

3. Stain Removal is Important

One of the downsides of having a carpet for casual use is that it is very difficult to get out the stains. The residue sticks to the fibers, and no matter how thoroughly you wash it, the stubborn spot still stays. However, cleaning services employ various methods to make sure you are satisfied with the wash, and therefore, they are able to remove most stains. With advanced methods like the steam-cleaning machine, every inch of the carpet is scrubbed while the quality of the fabric stays intact. Still, if a stain persists, it might be because it is out of the chemical’s bounds to clean it off.

4. The Odor

When the carpet gathers a lot of dirt and debris, chances are that it also smells bad and disturbs the ambiance of where it is placed. With cleaning companies, customers are usually quite insistent about getting rid of the odor. However, the results are not immediate. As the fabric goes through multiple washes and chemical processes, your place might likely stink. This is quite normal, but thankfully not everlasting. The smell of sulfur-like chemicals should dissipate in a few days because the carpet fabric does not have wool fibers. So don’t worry and endure it till the carpet releases all the accumulated gases.

5. The Stain Protection Should Stay

An important feature that serves as a motivating factor in your selection of carpet is its stain-resisting quality. Carpet manufacturers pay extra attention to this particular aspect, and therefore, many customers are afraid whether the intense washing will remove this quality from the fabric or not. If this is your concern, then you should not overthink. Usually, the chemicals used by carpet cleaning companies get rid of grime and dust only, and the stain-resistant quality of the fabric remains intact. Regardless, you can ask the cleaning service to take special care of it and not use any method that might wash it off the carpet.

6. Your Carpet Deserves Grooming

The use of carpet is usually so casual that the washing causes the fabric to become rougher around the edges. This is why the standard procedure of any carpet cleaning company should be to groom it after using the shampooing machine. When the carpet is taken out of the machine, the fibers usually stick together because of the excess water. Therefore, when the wash is followed by proper grooming, it helps declutter the carpet, allowing it to dry faster and diffusing the smell of the chemicals used.

The service you employ for cleaning your carpet should be skilled in all the procedures and follow all the aforementioned steps. This would make sure your carpet receives the maximum possible care before it is ready to be used again.

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