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What are the Best Commercial Cleaning Supplies?

Small-scale cleaning is part of everyone’s daily life. With the ongoing Coronavirus-related pandemic, everyone has become extra cautious about keeping their spaces dirt-free. This makes them use cleaning sprays, anti-bacterial wipes, sanitizers, and chemical liquids even more than they used to. However, when it comes to large-scale commercial cleaning, most people are quite clueless. What supplies are required when you need to clean large areas is a question that would usually not warrant a fast reply. This is not due to lack of options but rather a general lack of awareness.

So, if you are looking for commercial cleaning supplies in San Antonio and have no idea where to begin, you are in the right place. This blog post is your guide to finding the right fit for a mass scale cleaning, so you know what your options are.

Types of Cleaners

When you hear the name industrial cleaning, the picture that forms in your mind shows harsh chemical supplies used for wiping large areas of land. You are somewhat correct. However, even with collections used for mass-scale cleaning, you have a wide variety to choose from. So it is better that you know which category of cleaning requires which product.

1.  Water-based Cleaners

As the name suggests, these are liquid supplies that use water as their base. They are typically available in massive jugs or containers, and all you must do is dip the mops and other tools in them. The differentiating factor in these liquids usually comes with the change in pH levels. You must find a well-suited cleaner according to the type of dirt you plan to get rid of.

For instance, acidic cleaners within a pH range of 0-7 are often used to remove mineral stains. Whether it is rust or hard water, the acid in the liquids makes sure it cuts right into the cluster and breaks it down bit by bit so that the surface becomes smoother. Since your washrooms accumulate rust and soap scum, most toilet cleaners are engineered to be acidic.
On the other hand, with basic cleaners lying within a pH range of 7-14, you can eliminate more stubborn stains like those of fats and greasy oils. The chemical compounds begin to dismantle when alkaline elements interact with them, so most your table cleaning products are produced to be basic.

Eventually, when you get supplies, make sure you get an equal amount of both types so that you can effectively combat and clean off any kind of stain.

2.  Solvent-based Cleaners

The main difference between solvent and water-based cleaners is that the former uses different chemicals as its main ingredient. The pH factor is still taken into consideration depending on how acidic or basic the compound becomes when the solvent dissolves the contents.

With solvent-based substances, you either get cleaners that are explicitly meant for hard surfaces like wood and steel or liquids that function as all-purpose cleaners. This means you can apply them to any exterior.

Now you might be wondering why one needs to buy specialized solvent-based cleaners when all-purpose supplies do the job for every surface. Yes, it does sound economical, but generic cleaners cannot take out all the hard stains from different textures and materials. Therefore, you need different kinds of solvents specially designed for one particular plane.

Hence, experts recommend that getting both generic and specialized cleaners should be your strategy. For instance, stainless steel cleaners do wonders to a hard metal surface, so investing in those instead of damaging your objects with all-purpose supplies is better.

3.  Water-soluble Solvent-based Cleaners

Now, the final category is the one that serves as the most effective liquid. Even though it is solvent-based and uses various chemicals, you can still dissolve it in water and use it for all types of cleaning.

In industrial cleanings, this particular item is used the most as it ensures the best solution for all kinds of stains, whether minerals or fat. Like other supplies, they too have acidic and basic pH levels, but unlike all-purpose cleaners, they are meant for specific types of stains, no matter what surface you are using them on.

However, water-soluble solvents cannot be used in place of the previous two categories, but you need these supplies as they are appropriate for large-scale cleaning, especially if the stains are not old.

It is wise to base your decision of buying the supplies on the kind of stains you are most likely to encounter in commercial cleaning. If the place is more prone to grease and moist dirt, you can opt for solvent-based cleaners and similarly, if the focus is to eliminate rust and other minerals, then water-based solvents would be your best choice. However, it would be recommended to get a mixture of all three to be thoroughly prepared.


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