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What is The Best Way to Clean Windows?

Keeping glass surfaces clean is difficult, mainly because they accumulate grub and dust over time. If you don’t employ the proper method, stains from the liquids you use might make them dirtier than before. So then, what do you do? How do you make sure your windows stay as transparent as possible to help sunlight enter and keep you and your houseplants healthy?

Experts suggest using the best supplies for residential window cleaning. Work with the right kind of towel, an effective liquid, and the right technique. This helps the glass surface of your windows stay shiny and squeaky clean. This post will give you a few tips on how you can get done with the tedious task of cleaning your windows in no time stat.

1.Pick an Appropriate Day

As odd it may sound, the weather plays a crucial role in ensuring how successful your cleaning is. When the sun is blazing hot, the sprays from the liquid might dry on the window before you might get a chance to wipe them off. Choose a day when the weather is dry and cloudy, so the streaks do not stay, and you get to remove them gently with a cloth. However, since these conditions are seldom in one’s control, you can instead try cleaning from the part of your house that has more shade than the rest.

2.Get Rid of Dust Particles

If you directly apply the liquid to the window when it still has debris and dust, it would become a dirty mess that would get difficult to clean. These are the stains that then get difficult to remove. So make sure you dust off or vacuum the windows first. If the glass is removable, then the best option is to wash off the grub with hot water and let it dry before applying any kind of cleaning liquid to it. However, if this method is not possible, then just use a microfiber duster to sweep the glass surface and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

3.Right Cleaner is an Essential

Finding the right fit for your cleaner is quite important because the chances of forming a muddy mess are slightly less if you know about the contents of the liquid. Also, be generous with the amount of cleaner you are using because you need it to dissolve all the dirt so that it can be easily wiped off. The products that our experts suggest include Invisible Glass Cleaner, Spic & Span Cinch Glass Cleaner as they have a fine spray, making it easy for you to clean with a cloth afterward.

4.The Cleaning Cloth Matters

Most people make a common mistake. They use a good cleaner, and their technique is correct, but the kind of cloth they wipe the windows with ends up making a mess. A popular choice is newspapers, but experts believe that the best fabric is a microfiber cloth. Not only is it absorbent and washable, but it also does not leave stains behind. It is a popular choice among professionals, too, because the microfiber fabric has a honeycomb texture that gently dabs on the water spots instead of scratching the glass surface. The problem with newspapers and paper towels is that sometimes, they tear due to being wet and leave lint behind.

5.Do Not Use a Squeegee

While you might have seen most professional window cleaners using this item, you need to know what the right technique is, or else it would cause the liquid to trickle down. When the squeegee moves downward, the water ends up dripping from the windows or settles in the panes’ space, causing more difficulties in cleaning. It is better just to use a cloth for smaller windows, so the fabric soaks the liquid

6.Do Not Clean Everyday

Some people include windows in their daily cleaning routine, which is not recommended. You can wipe off the excess dust but make sure the liquid is not used on the glass surface every day. This might have an adverse effect and you could potentially scratch the windows. While wiping the glass with a cloth, the motion of your hand should be alternative, ranging from horizontal to vertical so that you cover every inch and do not end up making a dripping mess.

Window-cleaning is a task that requires special attention, especially if you live in a city where air pollution is rampant. You would see dust and moisture create an ugly mess on the glass, compromising the quality of sunlight entering through it. So, use the methods mentioned above to ensure your windows look polished and clean, and you do not have to apply cleaning liquid on them every day and decrease their longevity.

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